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BodyFusions Massage

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy focuses on the tight areas within a muscle belly that can refer pain to other areas of the body, such as back pain can often be referred pain from tight glutes or hamstrings.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy enhances circulation, influences the health of underlying tissue and internal organs, helps relieve pain and pulls oxygen carrying blood cells to the surface that may linger in the body’s tissue.

Sports Massage

Deep tissue massage uses pressure to release chronic muscle tension. Focus is on the deeper layers of muscle tissue and fascia surrounding muscles, bones and joints.

Some client reviews…

She takes her time and comes up with a whole body plan…

I found Christy Perry though a friend and I’ve since recommended her to many others since. I’m a competitive distance runner and have had many injuries and sore, tight muscles over the years, and no one has come close to treating my body as well as Christy has. An athlete herself, she just seems to find all of the problem areas and knows how to fix them. She takes her time and comes up with a whole body plan, one which could be different from session to session depending on what imbalances or tight spots she finds. She uses a variety of supplemental treatments such as hot stones, mechanical massagers, or cupping, but she doesn’t charge extra for them, they are all just part of her holistic approach to massage therapy. I will continue to see her regularly as I prepare to run my 10th consecutive Boston Marathon in April, because I’m not sure my body would have survived as strong and healthy as it has without her. Christy’s a 5 out of 5 stars individual and therapist, and I’d give her a sixth star if that were an option.

Tre M

Received a complete holistic analysis…

I had been on tour for a couple months with extreme sciatic pain from my shoulder to my ankle when I arrived in Flower Mound to visit my aunt and uncle. My uncle said he knew just the person to help me and took me to see Christy. I had been to numerous doctors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and the like without any results or incite. I arrived expecting only a massage but received a complete holistic analysis that has helped me still. Rather than only focusing on the pain area, she addressed the sources of the pain and how to remedy them. I am grateful to have found her and highly recommend her to anyone looking for long-term healing benefits.

EJ — musician (singer/songwriter)

She continues to be creative in teaching me about my body…

It has been several years now working with Christy Perry. We found each other at a time she was told she had a stress fracture in her foot but she stuck with me as a triathlete coach. I learned that day she was a massage therapist. I was in the process of looking for a new massage therapist. She not only did massage but worked in some much needed stretching during the session. The hot stones on my back were huge in allowing my body to release and relax. Legs and calves always tight. She was always able to get them to release. Always displaying a positive attitude.  It was a win/win for us both. She continues to be creative in teaching me about my body and keeping me injury free! Words can’t really express what you have done for me. Thank You Christy


Gerald J (USA Triathlon Coach)

Christi was able to understand the mechanics of my injury…

“I found Christi through my wife who is friend’s with Christi by way of the Fort Worth Triathlon Club. In February 2019 I was recovering from a neck fracture and fusion surgery following a ski accident. What I needed in April was a therapist who could help me to relieve pain, stiffness and accelerate my healing process. My neck and upper shoulder muscles were very stiff and “stuck in defense mode” following the accident, surgery and 3 months of wearing a neck brace. Christi was able to understand the mechanics of my injury. She then tailored our sessions based on my most bothersome areas as well as my overall neck and shoulder muscle relaxation. These relaxations helped to accelerate my healing and reset my muscles to their normal positions and tension. After roughly a dozen sessions my neck and shoulder muscles are feeling much closer to normal and the relaxations are lasting for a far longer period. Normally this kind of accident and surgery requires about one year to recover from. The sessions also reduced my pain during the recovery.”

Steve R. - Mountain Biker and Adventurer

She has helped me with two physical issues…

I have been seeing Christy for bodywork for the past three months. She has helped me with two physical issues tremendously. The first issue was my feet. I was not standing properly and gripping with the sides of my feet causing pain in my hips. She helped me recognize this gripping so I could correct it. She also helped me find reasonable orthotics for my shoes that helped also. The second issue is the constant hip pain I feel from my job’s large amount of driving. Along with body work, she recommended a driver’s seat placement and towel placement that has alleviated my pain. The hip pain was excruciating. It’s now non existent. I learn something about my body every time I have a session with her. Her knowledge of the body and muscles help her diagnose and problem solve my muscular issues. She is very personable and approachable. I would give her a 5 star rating in all areas of service.

Donna C